Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) was founded in the 1960's by John Bowers and Roy Wilkins. The brand originated as a small shop specializing in radios and electronics until the 1970’s, when disco and rock became popular. They took advantage of this new market and launched their renowned 801 speaker, which was highly sought after by the world’s leading recording studios. During the next 30 years, Bowers & Wilkins designed sleek, powerful speakers that created beautifully immersive home-theater experiences. During the Digital Age, which took place in the 2000’s, the pair developed their best technology yet, featuring their signature diamond tweets that offer superior quality and dynamic range. Today, audiophiles all over the world agree they are a top brand for innovative and sleek hi-fi speakers and subwoofers that offer a sound like no other in home theaters and in Jaguar’s luxury cars.