MartinLogan was thought of in the late 70’s when Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland met and discovered a love for music and electrostatic loudspeakers. Although neither had a background in audio equipment, they took on the challenge to develop electrostatics that would surpass the very few on the market in terms of sound levels and bass extension. They gathered a research team and started experimenting with an electrostatic transducer that Sanders contemplated upon for years. After several disastrous and smokey failures, they experimented with aerospace material and achieved a breakthrough. In 1982, their speaker became a hit at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. It was elegant and showcased high-frequency audio dispersion without sacrificing the quality of sound. Today, MartinLogan continues to innovate remarkable electrostatic and thin film transducer technology, which enables their home theater speakers to deliver a highly impactful experience, always.