Hi-Fi Audio vs HD: What's The Difference?

Hi-Fi Audio vs HD: What's The Difference?

Hi-Fi is a common term among audiophiles. Audiophiles are those of us who demand only the highest sound quality possible in our home audio equipment. Many of us even spend thousands of dollars to find the perfect sound system for our home theaters. However, the audiophilia doesn't stop there. Some of us work hard to design our home theaters in such a way to get the perfect acoustics. We focus on achieving high-quality audio by buying HiFi audio products, not Hi-Def.

What is HiFi Audio

Among audiophiles, we use the term HiFi, otherwise known as "high fidelity". Think of it this way; fidelity refers to loyalty and faithfulness. Audio that is referred to as high fidelity is audio that is very loyal to the original source, thus giving us the purest, closest to perfect reproduction of sound as possible.

Why We Don't Refer to Audio as Hi-Def

High definition, otherwise known as hi-def or HD, is a much easier term to use and understand for audio, but it's not an accurate one, which is why audiophiles typically refrain from using it. HD is used to describe video quality. A video that is high definition is high quality, which is why some may use it in relation to high-quality audio. We hear this term a lot when it comes to high-end digital audio, which we hear most of the time today. It's important to note, though, that a hi-fi audio system can encompass both digital and analog audio.

The truth is that, although some people may continue to use high-definition to describe high-quality audio, it's quite difficult to do so successfully because each term includes different parameters and criteria. High definition is better reserved for high-quality video because to be HD, video has to meet a certain standard. This is why the audio industry as a whole has not committed to describing audio as HD, and instead prefers to describe it as HiFi. Audio has to meet specific criteria and standards in order to be considered high-fidelity. 

Why You Want HiFi Audio in Your Home Theater

HiFi audio, also referred to as high-end audio, is all about creating a full immersion experience. With our HiFi audio products, you will upgrade your home theater so much that you will be able to hear sounds you may not have noticed before from your favorite movies, which can enhance the picture on your big screen and bring your movies to life. If you're considering upgrading your home theater, come visit our showroom so you can see, feel, and hear the difference.