Bowers & Wilkins: HiFi Audio For The Audiophile

Bowers & Wilkins: HiFi Audio For The Audiophile

By definition, as audiophiles, we demand the best quality audio and will do what it takes to ensure we always have a HiFi, otherwise known as high-fidelity, audio experience that replicates sounds as closely and loyally as possible to their original source.

In order to offer the tools for our fellow audiophiles to create the home audio systems of their dreams, we’ve begun putting together Bowers and Wilkins displays.

So Who Is Bowers & Wilkins?

In the 1960's, Bowers & Wilkins, also known as B&W, was founded by John Bowers and Roy Wilkins. It began as a shop specializing in radio and electronics. After a few years, they began supplying equipment to churches, which is when they became highly involved in designing and assembling high-quality loudspeakers, which has become one of their strongest selling points over the many decades.

Bowers & Wilkins in the 1970's

The turn of the decade proved to be a highly successful time for the brand, as disco and punk rock became super popular. At this time, Bowers & Wilkins launched the 801 speaker, which became the reference speaker of choice for several of the world’s leading recording studios.

Through The Decades

During the next 30 years, Bowers & Wilkins lead the world with their innovative speakers by designing sleek, powerful series that created a fully immersive experience for audiophilic listeners.

Upon the 2000’s when the digital age took over, the well-known brand developed newer and better technology featuring all-new diamond tweeters, which offer superior dynamic range and efficiency. They continued creating quality, leading up to 2007 when they launched their iconic Zeppelin iPod speaker and entered into the high-end car audio market by partnering with Jaguar.

During the last decade, they have continued to release innovative, high-end audio speakers, subwoofers, and even headphones so that audiophiles can enjoy a fully immersive auditory experience, even while on the go.

Browse Our HiFi Bowers & Wilkins Collection For Your Houston Home Theater

We configure various stunning setups in our HiFi audio showrooms in Houston consisting of speakers, amplifiers, turntables, and preamps. If you'd like to hear and feel the difference that high-fidelity audio equipment creates, please contact us today. We will answer any questions and provide assistance in setting up a fully customizable setup for your home theater.