Tips For The Ultimate Houston Home Theater Setup

Tips For The Ultimate Houston Home Theater Setup

A great home theater setup is one that creates a fully immersive space to enjoy your movies; it mimics the cinematic experience without having to go to the cinema. Here are our favorite tips to create the ultimate home theater setup.

Evaluate The Room

Once you've picked the room in which you'd like to create your own at-home theater, it's time to evaluate it. We suggest you stand in the middle of the room and clap. If you hear some kind of echo, this isn't great for your movie audio, but no worries! Just add some sound-absorbing objects, such as curtains, furniture, or even area rugs to prevent echoing that disrupts the quality of your audio. Don't go overboard, though. You need a balance of enough open space for the soundwaves to flow without risking the quality. 

Television and Seating Placement

The television is the centerpiece of your home theater, so we like to recommend our customers purchase a 4K OLED television because they offer sharp contrasts in color, which means they show a high-quality image during the daytime as well.

It's important to consider where you sit when setting up a home theater. To make sure you don't sit too far from the television, a good rule of thumb is to multiply the diagonal length of the screen by 2, and then convert to feet. This will give you a good idea of the distance you should allow between your seat and the television.  

High-Quality Audio is Key for the At-Home Theater Experience

It's important to have HiFi audio speakers to create a fully immersive movie-watching experience. Once you've browsed our collection of HiFi audio equipment, it's time to place it in your new theater. The best speaker setup to achieve the ideal surround sound is made up of 5 speakers. We recommend you place one speaker beneath the television, one on each side of it, and two behind the viewer's seat.

Add a subwoofer, too. This is a great way to further enhance your home theater because it adds to the bass. Just make sure you put it right next to where you sit. This way you can hear and feel the bass at all times without it sounding too distorted or loud from echoing against a corner wall.

Houston Home Theater Setups at 3mA Audio

If you would like to upgrade your home theater and are in search of HiFi audio equipment, please stop by and visit our showroom. We would love to help you get a good idea of how to get the best use of your space.